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USD10? USD100? USD1,000? What determine the value of Jian Zhan?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

It is not difficult to get your hands on Authentic Jian Zhan for a mere USD$10-$30 dollar per cup, and they are an absolute beauty. A USD$30 Jian Zhan can look like it is worth USD$100 or more. There are also Jian Zhan which you hardly will take a second look at but is sold for USD$3,000. There are also numerous stories on Jian Zhan officially auctioned for millions of dollars, so what actually determines the value of Jian Zhan?

The most important factor is the artisan behind the Jian Zhan. Similar to painting or other arts, there are a handful of highly experienced and skillful artisans who have developed their own style and recipe for firing exotic Jian Zhan, which can easily be recognized as their work. To better manage these artisans and recognize their contributions to reviving Jian Zhan culture, there are numerous rankings and associations to manage these master level artisans' credentials and intellectual property rights. Therefore, some of these master artisans' works can command extremely high values which are sought after by collectors. These auctions are not limited to Mainland China alone, there are international auction houses executing auctions for high value Jian Zhan as well.

At the same time, rarity is also one of the key factors when it comes to valuation of Jian Zhan, There are numerous reasons for driving up the value of a piece of Jian Zhan. For instance, the artisan has decided to stop making a certain style of Jian Zhan or the raw material needed for making a certain Jian Zhan is no longer available. These will mean that the previous works of these style of Jian Zhan created by this particular artisan are going to be limited edition.

Next is the relation of a particular piece of Jian Zhan with ancient culture. This is undoubtedly one of the factors affecting valuation. Jian Zhan was created especially for the royal family of the Song Dynasty and was beloved by Emperor Song Hui Zhong. Many verses of beautiful poetry had been written by him to sing praises of the beauty of Jian Zhan. He was also the one who determined how Jian Zhan was supposed to be appreciated, in terms of colors and styles. As such, ancient articles of how Jian Zhan was used, the process of it being made, how to appreciate and value the types of Jian Zhan were written. These articles by Emperor Song Hui Zhong are still in use by modern day artisans to attempt to replicate the highest quality of Jian Zhan beloved by Emperor Song Hui Zhong. Hence collectors are usually keen on getting hold of these pieces and are willing to pay high prices to own a piece of them.

There are other factors as well, however just like other art pieces. Jian Zhan’s beauty and value also relies on a person’s interpretation of the piece’s artistic conception. If you own a piece of this wonderful pottery, a search of its’ estimated value online may just surprise you, as the value of a famous artisans’ work is constantly increasing.

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